Fielmann's key services in Germany

At Fielmann, you can still get trendy glasses at no extra charge with the zero-cost insurance.

Fielmann is not only the optician that made medical insurance glasses attractive, but is also constantly coming up with brand-new consumer-friendly products and services.

  • Zero-cost glasses for children and young people of up to 18:

    Fielmann offers children and young people up to 18 a full pair of glasses from its zero-cost collection, complete with lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision.

    You don’t pay for the frame, and you don’t pay for the lenses either. All you have to do is present your prescription or medical insurance card.

  • Zero-cost insurance:

    With the HanseMerkur insurance policy, you are entitled to a pair of trendy metal or plastic-framed glasses from the zero-cost collection, plus a three-year guarantee. This applies from the moment you take out the policy and then again every two years. For an annual premium of €10 for single-focal glasses and €50 for multi-focal glasses, zero-cost glasses are also insured against breakage, damage and a change of prescription.

    If you choose a pair of glasses for which you have to pay a little extra, €15 will be deducted from the purchase price of single-focal glasses, €70 from that for multi-focals. And as a very special Fielmann bonus when you claim for breakage, damage or a prescription change (of at least 0.5D) up to two years after purchase, you not only receive the insured sum but also a credit towards your new glasses amounting to 70 per cent of the purchase price of the insured glasses. Here, Fielmann covers the difference between the insurance refund and the price of the new glasses.

  • Free eye test:

    Competent opticians test your eyesight using state-of-the-art technology.

  • Money-back guarantee:

    If you see the same product for sale somewhere else within six weeks of purchase, Fielmann will take back the article and refund your money.

  • Three-year guarantee on all glasses - also children's glasses:

    At Fielmann, what you get is certified quality. All frames in the Fielmann collection have passed the DIN EN ISO 12870 utility test.

  • Satisfaction guarantee:

    If your are not satisfied with your new glasses, we will be happy to replace them or take them back and refund you the purchase price. Anytime.

  • Great selection:

    Every branch of Fielmann stocks over 2,000 pairs of glasses — from big-name brands as well as international couturiers. Fielmann offers you a wide selection of modern metal and plastic frames, all at a guaranteed low Fielmann price.

  • Fielmann Customer Service:

    We want you to be satisfied with our products and services. If you should ever have cause for complaint or any suggestions for improvement, please let us know. Our Customer Service is there for you on the free number 0800 343 5626. Alternatively, send us an e-mail at or send a letter to Fielmann-Kundenservice, Weidestrasse 118a, 22083 Hamburg, Germany. We will look into any criticism you make and look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Great products and services coupled with low prices have made Fielmann Germany’s biggest optician today.