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Preliminary figures for the 2010 financial year

External sales: EUR 1.16 billion
Dividend: EUR 2.40 per share
2011: cause for optimism at the start of the year

Our expectations for the 2010 financial year have been met. Sales of glasses increased to 6.5 million pairs (previous year: 6.4 million pairs). External sales incl. VAT rose to € 1.16 billion (previous year: € 1.11 billion) and consolidated sales grew to € 994 million (previous year: € 953 million). The pre-tax result amounts to an estimated € 170 million (previous year: € 162.5 million) and the annual net income stands at € 119 million (previous year: € 114.3 million). At the end of the reporting year, Fielmann runs 655 branches (previous year: 644).

As a result of the company’s good development and available liquidity, the Supervisory Board and Management Board recommendation for the Annual General Meeting on 7 July 2011 is to pay a dividend of € 2.40 per share for the 2010 financial year (previous year: € 2.00).

One reason for our success is our competent and dedicated staff. Fielmann, which is the market leader, created 498 additional positions in the reporting year. As at the end of 2010, the company employed 13,733 members of staff (previous year: 13,235), of whom 2,674 were trainees (previous year: 2,497). Fielmann is the largest employer and trainer in the German optical industry. The company’s success in training is reflected in national awards.

Fielmann is confident that it can strengthen its market position. Consumers buy from companies that guarantee high quality at fair prices: and in the optical industry, that means Fielmann. Financial independence is giving us the opportunity to drive forward our expansion. The first few weeks of the current financial year are giving cause for optimism.

Hamburg, February 2011

Fielmann Aktiengesellschaft
The Management Board

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