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Generational Succession at Fielmann in final phase

GŁnther Fielmann delegates responsibility to Marc Fielmann

Fielmann has attained market leadership in Germany through its customer friendly services, glasses at the best prices and extensive guarantees. Since its incorporation, GŁnther Fielmann has been Chief Executive Officer of Fielmann Aktiengesellschaft. He planned and gradually implemented his long-term succession plan. Within the Co-CEO governance framework established in April last year, all reporting lines as well as the executive leadership were transferred from GŁnther Fielmann to Marc Fielmann.

In the current business year Marc Fielmann, CEO of Fielmann AG, will also take over responsibility for Fielmann's corporate strategy. This strategy will be presented to the shareholders by the Executive Board during the Annual General Assembly.

GŁnther Fielmann is further withdrawing from his position as a board member. As a sign of discretion he has asked the Supervisory Board to reduce his remuneration to the symbolic amount of one Euro. The Supervisory Board dignifies this decision and has updated the by-laws of Fielmann Aktiengesellschaft accordingly. GŁnther Fielmann remains available and at the disposal of the company. Fielmann will benefit from his decade-long experience, his entrepreneurial spirit and his creativity.

Furthermore the Supervisory Board has decided on the areas of responsibility of Dr. Stefan Thies, Executive Director Controlling, IT and Human Resources. Following his request, Dr. Thies' contract, which expires on 30 June 2019, will not be prolonged. Already during the extension of his contract in 2015 Dr. Thies agreed with the Fielmann Family to help prepare and support the generational succession. With the beginning of the final phase Dr. Thies sees his promise as fulfilled and seeks new challenges. The Supervisory Board and Executive Board thank Dr. Thies for his excellent service. The responsibility for the Controlling, IT and Human Resources departments will be taken over by the existing Executive Board.

Hamburg, February 2019

Fielmann Aktiengesellschaft
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